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19 luglio 2006

Chomsky about the whole Lebanon/Israel debacle

"As always things have precedence and you have to decide which was the inciting event. In my view, the inciting events are the constant intense repression; plenty of abductions; plenty of atrocities in Gaza, the steady takeover of the West Bank, which, in effect is just the murder of a nation, the end of Palestine"

"I don't have to tell you that there are constant attacks going on in Gaza, which is basically a huge prison, under constant attack all the time: economic strangulation, military attack, assassinations, and so on. In comparison with that, abduction of a soldier, whatever one thinks about it, doesn't rank high in the scale of atrocities".

Update: Ancora più interessante il commento di Uri Avnery, fondatore del movimento pacifista israerliano Gush Shalom, sui perché e i percome della guerra (da PeaceReporter)

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