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21 giugno 2006

Googspaw (for fanz only)

Dai primo post di Catspaw dopo il trasferimento a Google:

Browsing the Google Intranet is like surfing through Google Labs on crack.

Most programmers multitask in the following way: Coding /Talking on IM /Listening to some sort of techno music /drinking caffeinated beverage.

On the way back to my desk I passed by Howard Rhinegold. (sic)

It's called Café 150, where all ingredients are farmed within 150 miles of the Google campus.

I work at a place that thinks that starting at 8:30 is outrageous.

Here they don't know yet that the secret to programming success involves loudly belting made-up songs, leaning back in your chair as far as you can go, and occasional fights in the cage.

I was sitting on a sunny grass field eating the large bowl of raspberries, and this was my job.

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