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22 luglio 2005

Rassegna Stampa

"You should be fired if you do a marketing site without an RSS feed. Saying that RSS is only for geeks today is like saying in 1998 that the Web was only for geeks."
(Robert Scoble)

A federal appeals court addressed the question of whether bloggers are protected under reporters' privilege. Here are some of the judges' comments.

Bloggers will rescue the right. Karl Rove, the man George Bush described as the architect of his re-election, recently said that the dominance of America's mainstream media is coming to an end.
(Iain Duncan Smith)

The Blogs Must Be Crazy. Or maybe the mainstream media is just suffering from freedom envy.
The blogosphere isn't some mindless eruption of wild opinion. That isn't their power.
(Peggy Noonan)

Crisis Blogs: Plan Them Well. Don't think you can start a blog when the crisis hits you. Even though Oliver S. Schmidt has "yet to walk into a crisis situation that wouldn't have the client partner benefit from utilizing blogs".
(Fredrik Wacka)

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