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01 maggio 2005

GQ e Ito

Ci ho messo ben otto anni (primo articolo su Virtual nel 1997) per arrivare a scrivere su una rivista non specializzata, se continuo così Miss Italia lo vinco a 50 anni ;-)
Buona parte del merito del pezzo va alla redazione di GQ, che mi ha stimolata a partire da una prospettiva a cui non avrei mai pensato (arrivando a conclusioni che neanche loro). Il titolo originale del pezzo era "Noi siamo i media", me lo tengo buono per il prossimo.
L'unica cosa che mi dispiace è che l'intervista a Joi Ito è saltata per motivi di spazio, ma il bellodelblog è che ve la ripropongo qui uncut:

1. Do you think the Internet will ever become a everyday medium, like
television or telephone? And if so, how long will it take?

Yes. I think actually, television and telephone will even become part of the Internet. Soon there will be more mobile devices connected to the Internet than computers. The Internet is not just about computer. It's a fundamental way of approaching network technology and will soon be a part of all of our lives like electricity or water.
2. For you is the Internet a place or a medium?
Both. ;-) It is more of a medium. Before people used to talk about "Cyberspace". It still exists, but with mobile devices and other non-computer Internet, the Internet is becoming part of the real world, rather than a separate place.
3. For many people blogs offer low value content because they're free
and not professional: do you think there is a connection between the
price of information and its quality?

Many blogs offer low value content, but many professional offer low value content too. I think that blogs self-select good content and that good blogs are better than bad professionals. I think the quality of the blogs will continue to increase. If you look at creative works, professional work is not necessarily better than amateur work. That's a myth.

Do you think professional sex is better than amateur sex?
4. People say that blog are only read by bloggers: do you think it is
This not true. 5-10% of people who read blogs have their own blogs, but blogs, especially in advanced countries like the US, are becoming a reputable form of information and considered by many in surveys to provider a better perspective and more information than main stream media.
5. Do you think there's a tie between freedom to publish on the net and
the change in the concept of copyright as we know it?
Yes. Copyright in many cases is to protect big brands and professionals and their old business models. Amateurs including most bloggers would rather have their words read by many people than protecting them from being read for free. As more and more content becomes more freely sharable, the fundamental value of strong copyright will start to change. Copyright will still exist, but what people decide to do with it will begin to change.

People should have a choice of what sort of copyright license they put on their work. Creative Commons is helping them express their choice and is resisting the "all rights reserved" copyright of Hollywood. However, we are not advocating anarchy, but that there are a spectrum of rights and many people want to share some of these rights.
6. In Italy it happens too often that media publish critical articles
on blogger and generally on the internet lifestyle without really
knowing what they are talking about. Does it happen also in the Usa?
Yes. It happens everywhere. ;-) First the ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you. If they're attacking, you know you're on the right track.

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